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Introduction by Professor Pietro Bellasi and Bruno Grossetti
Dalip gallery

LOCATION: Grossetti Arte Contemporanea
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OPEN: Tue - Fri 10,30 - 19,30 - Sat 14,00 - 19,30
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From June 28 to september 10, 2007
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First time in Italy for the artist Dalip Kryeziu; born in Kossovo, he then moved to Austria and now he's living in Germany.
Self-taught artist, he deals with "Faces", leit motiv of its artistical research since he was ten, showing a talent in painting that makes it possible for him, using different tecniques, to get to the heart and soul of every single subject he approaches.

Dalip's life has been troublesome. After his childwood spent in poverty up on the Kossovo mountains, he runs away from a traditional life, framed between cattle and agriculture; then the war experience, mass graves and ethnic cleancing in the late '90s.
His work bears crystal clear signs of all these experiences.


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